Mind the Heart! Project

What is Mind the Heart?

Mind the Heart! (est. 2009) is a worldwide art project by Israeli artists Maya Gelfman & Roie Avidan.

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Selected archive of the project's journey

A little background:

In the past decade, the project has reached more than 100 cities across 5 continents: 

from New York to Bangkok, Sydney to London, from the Israel National Museum and the National Cathedral

in Washington D.C. to orphanages in Kenya and Uganda.

The project works at the intersection of art and social awareness. It engages the public domain with the aim of getting both the artists and the audiences to be fully present, to ‘be here now’. This is achieved through street art, temporary nature installations and rituals, public interactions and lectures. The works are made with tangible materials (yarn, felt, duct-tape, found-objects) that clash with the concrete jungle. They deal with the power of choice, the cyclical nature of things, acknowledging wounds in order to heal, and interconnectedness.

Back in 2009, searching for ways to facilitate a direct connection to their surroundings, the artists stepped outside, literally,
opting to give up home, studios and all their belongings and live on the road, constantly on the move.
They constructed a framework that explores the ways in which people, objects, cities, and nature interact with one another.
They honed their “active-wandering” method and set out to find out whether a small and personal action
became transparent in the urban turmoil or, contrarily, got a new meaning within that context.


Nowadays, by utilizing performative practices - social, artistic, philosophical and physical - the project creates works
(from street interventions to murals and installations, to video) that are informed by the present moment.
The art is always context driven, never preconceived but reflective of not just the artists’ point of view
but also the direct influence of the place, time and people there.

Selected Murals

Selected Installations

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