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Black Birds street stalactites

An urban biotope, marking the passage of time and the seasonal change. The traces of a never ending process. If the city was a living organism, then natural formation would have marked its surfaces... Chalk-like stalactites will seep and ooze down from doorways, under balconies and ceilings, rails, bridges and the like. I'm creating those stalactites and forming Urban Caves. 

Made from building materials (plaster, sealing foam, etc.) they actually resemble a continuous part of the building itself.

They merge with their surroundings so naturally that it may require a second look to distinguish and realize it is an interference 

and not a genuine part of the structure.


This project examines the ability of incorporating the natural, amorphous, organic forms with the solid, fixated, stagnant structures that constitute

a city. It examines ideas such as white on white, assimilation, absorption and submergence. 

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