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TEDx TLV Women Creating out of not knowing - my TEDx talk

On December 5th, at TEDx TelAvivWomen, I spoke about the making of "SPARK" - my latest solo exhibition.

This event joined a global movement of 220 events around the world, all tuned in with TEDWomen from San Francisco.

TEDxTLV hosted a local program of speakers. I'm Happy and Proud to be on the 8-list.


A little over a year ago, a gallery owner came to me and said: "at the end of 2013 I want to exhibit your new solo exhibition".

Since this was to be my fifth I decided that it was a good time to surprise and challenge myself.

So I began to experiment with the concept of new and change.


My premises were:

New = is something that I haven't met yet.

Change = is the process of something becoming different - a non stopping occurrence.

Surprise = is to not know what is coming.


Now, to introduce those concepts into my long and meticulous process, meant to refrain from analyzing

or planning the next step and most of all to not visualize the final image. 

My challenge was setI just needed a practical solution to a philosophical whim... 

I needed to find a way to create out of not knowing yet still go about it with conviction and full meaning.

and that is, of course, easier said than done... :) 


Thus I embarked on a year long quest to reinvent and rediscover the process of creation.

What I learned on the way was that the road to such discovery meant accepting randomnessand and uncertainty

to be tools as valid as a paintbrush and a pallet of colors are, and from there to follow my intuition. 


It's all about letting the moment, every single moment, influence choices and actions - letting art, and life - happen.


In the talk, I decided to practice what I preached, creating my talk on stage, on the fly, out of not knowing.



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