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Mind the Heart! Project  2009 - ongoing

What / who is Mind the Heart?

Mind the Heart! (est. 2009) is a worldwide art project by Israeli artists Maya Gelfman & Roie Avidan (poet and photographer).

In the past decade, the project has reached more than 100 cities across 5 continents: 

from New York to Bangkok, Sydney to London, from the Israel National Museum and the National Cathedral

in Washington D.C. to orphanages in Kenya and Uganda.

The project works at the intersection of art and social awareness. It engages the public domain with the aim of getting both the artists and the audiences to be fully present, to ‘be here now’. This is achieved through tangible street art but expands on that to working in nature and public interactions. The works are made with soft materials that clash with the concrete jungle. They deal with the power of choice, the cyclical nature of things, acknowledging wounds in order to heal, and interconnectedness.

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