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Black Birds street version

This breathtaking image - a flock of birds rising together in flight - is familiar to us all. 

It represents freedom and hope, and outlines the human desire to break free, fly high and move forward.


These site specific drawings and installations are "fast sketches" of a movement, made with soft thread lines - suspended in mid air or floating on a wall. Each bird flies away from a tangle of wool: in the (street) mural version this tangle is messy and collective.

In the (indoors) installation version each bird is tied down to the ground by a single thread that gathers into yarn balls.

All the birds are soaring away from the source of their creation, while the lines demonstrate the movement.

They outline a connection - the powerful tension between the pulling force of the core and the endless promise of the open sky.

Each bird is intrinsically linked to its origin. What creates it can also destroy it. That which can unravel it, is the same that grants it wings.

Mind the Heart! at the Israel Museum Jerusalem

RISE! Black Birds, 2016

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